Outer Burial Containers

Concrete Series

Steel Series

A burial vault is used to protect the casket therein as well as to ensure the beauty and safety of the grave site.

The 5,000 lb. Center Load Pressure Test Standard is your assurance that Basilica® concrete vaults will protect the casket from the weight of the earth load.

Our lined Top Seal Vaults are sealed using Butyl Tape, a synthetic rubber sealant. The sealant is placed within the tongue and groove of the vault cover and base thus creating a water impermeable seal. Our unlined Top Seal Vaults are sealed using Conseal CS-101, specially designed for sealing concrete structures.

Steel and air seal vaults use the natural seal of air to keep water and other elements from entering the grave. The casket is placed on the base plate and the dome is placed over the casket, trapping air inside the vault, thus completing the air seal.

Proceeds from the sale of Basilica® burial vaults are reinvested back into your cemetery.