A Life Worth Remembering

Today many families are choosing cremation as an alternative to traditional burial; and there are several ways to create a lasting memorial for loved ones to visit. The Catholic Cemeteries Association offer an extensive selection, including graves, granite community columbarium, private family columbarium, cremation pedestals, and cored granite boulders that have been adapted to hold cremated remains.


The CCA offer companion or single niches in a variety of settings for your loved ones to be memorialized for years to come.

Niche Pedestals & Niche Alcoves

Available in an array of color and styles, niche pedestals offer the flexibility of placement within our cemeteries. Whether you like Praying Hands, the Open Book design, angel with Cross, kneeling angel, or a favorite patron saint, our staff can help you create a lasting memorial for generations.

These companion/family niches are designed for families who wish to be interred together to create a family estate. We can offer various settings for you to choose.

Community Mausoleums

The Catholic Cemeteries Association offers above-ground burial in mausoleums to all, at affordable prices. Some mausoleums at our cemeteries also include a chapel where Masses and memorial services are held.

Estate Mausoleums

An Estate Mausoleum can be personalized with a variety of options. These structures provide interment for family members, allow for private and personal meditation, urns, vases, and religious symbols and other enhancements which reflects your family’s preferences.

In Ground Grave Burial

The Catholic Cemeteries Association offers the following selection of grave sections as final resting places for cremains:

  • Shrine Graves are located in sections of the cemetery where shrines or statues have been erected.
  • Monument Graves are located in sections that have been zoned to allow large family monuments.
  • Marker Graves are those that feature headstones that are level with the lawn.
  • Roadside Graves are graves located closer to the road for easier visitation.

Sunday Support

Are you in need of a loving, open, supportive group to help you along your grief journey? Meetings are informal and do not build on each other so you can come at any time and feel right at home.

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