Natural Burial

Surround yourself with nature, for eternity. Natural burials are available at All Souls Cemetery.

This burial option is completely acceptable within the Catholic Church, and the process is similar to any other burial. However, natural burials typically require fewer materials, making them more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Natural Burial section
St. Francis statue in the natural burial location
Niche boulder in the natural burial section

What is Natural Burial?

The intention of a natural interment is for the human remains to be buried directly into the surrounding soil and decompose naturally.

Full-Body or Cremation

Full-body and cremation burials are permitted in the natural burial area. The deceased may be buried in a biodegradable full-body container or a biodegradable urn. A concrete interment cover is required for both full-body and cremation burials; the concrete cover protects the human remains. The concrete cover will be open at the bottom and have sufficient size to cover a full-body container.

Columbarium in the natural burial section
Covered bridge in the natural burial section

If you select a natural interment, a full-body burial interred directed into the ground is restricted to ordinary depth, and one interment in a grave.

If a natural cremation interment, three cremation burials are permitted in one grave *Certain restrictions and additional charges may apply.

If you choose a full-body interment, remains must not be embalmed using any material not rated organic and/or meeting the requirements of established and nationally recognized green burial organizations.

Once the human remains are interred in a manner described as natural, any removal for purposes and/or disinterment is prohibited.

Memorial restrictions will apply for burials in the natural area. Please get in touch with a Family Service Representative for details.

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